9430 Specifications

Eyecon is a unique machine vision counting system. A camera mounted above the counting platter captures photo images used to count pills five times per second.

Eyecon 9430

Eyecon continues to become the preferred choice of pharmacies that have decided to improve their prescription filling process. Eyecon 9430 builds on the revolutionary technology of the original Eyecon machine, with enhanced features that take the system to the next level. 

Eyecon seamlessly integrates with your existing telepharmacy solution by making it easy for remote verification of the Rx by recording HD images of the annotate tray image, color image of the pill tray, color image of the filled vial and a color image of the vial label. All images are associated with the Rx which include; date, time, and dispensing information.

New Features:

Now with 4 images covered during every transaction!
• Black/White Tray Photo (image #1)
• Color Drug Count Image (image #2)
• Color Vial Image (image #3)
• Color Labeled Vial image (image #4)

“Funnel NOT Empty” Warning:  Eyecon will detect if there is a pill/pills still left in the funnel before completing the tray count. If pills are detected, the Eyecon will provide an error message on the screen above a ‘grayed out’ FINISH button.

“Remaining Pills on Tray” Detection: Eyecon will not start a transaction if pills are detected on the tray.

2D Barcode Scan: Able to capture Lot #, Serial Number, and Expiration Date of Stock bottle.

Multi-Eyecon Interface: Multiple Eyecons can communicate with each other in a pharmacy setting.

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